Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam Tips

In this post you will find some tips about first exam Google Adwords Fundamentals to help you pass first time .

Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam Overview
  • 120 minutes to complete the exam and 100 questions to answer.
  • Goal should be to answer one question per minute. This allows a buffer for more difficult questions.
  • You only see one question at a time, there's no option to review or change answers once submitted.
  • You can't skip questions and return to them later. i.e. no option to do easy questions first.
  • You must complete the exam in one 120 min sitting, there's no option to pause the exam (like previous versions).
  • If you don't answer enough questions correctly within one 120 min sitting, you won't pass.
  • You don't need to bring a timer to the exam, there's one in the bottom right of the screen.
Passing Score 80%
  • 80% Pass mark means getting 80 questions correct (100*80%) or only 20 questions wrong (100*20%).
  • 80% is achievable as exam is multiple choice: true/false, definitions, "which of following" etc.
  • You score will be displayed immediately once you finish the exam.
  • Unfortunately, you can't see the questions or topics you didn't answer correctly.
  • The Google Adwords Fundamentals Certification is valid for 1 Year
  • If you don't pass, you can retake the exam in 7 days.
Open Book Policy
  • There's no restriction to have other tabs open while taking the exam.
  • You still need to study due to the time limit but extra resources can help when you're stuck.
  • Best cheat sheet: AdWords Help Centre
  • Warning! Do not close the tab you are taking the exam on as this will end the exam. Perhaps use a separate monitor to search google and access the Adwords Help Centre.

4 Additional Tips To Help You Pass First Time
  1. Pick the Best Time to Take the Test: If you are not a morning person, don’t take it in the morning. Pick a time of day when you are at your mental peak.
  2. Pick the Best Location to Take the Test: If you do your best work at a noisy coffee shop then take the exam there. If you need complete silence for you to focus, then make sure you take the exam at a place that won’t be distracting.
  3. Read the Questions Carefully: Be on the look out for small words that can change the question completely. e.g. "Which is the following is NOT..." "Check ALL that apply.."
  4. Review Your Answers Before Submitting: Remember, you cannot return or change your response to questions once they've been submitted.

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