How I Got Google Adwords Certificate

It's my first post on this blog and I'm so excited to share with you, my experience with Google Adwords Certificate . 

It was in November 2014,when I have successfully passed the exam to get certificate from Google in Online Advertising management, considered as awesome experience in digital marketing, my story started in October 2014 after tired day in university I used my laptop to search  free courses on digital marketing in order to improve my skills and suddenly I had read an article that Google provide free certification in online advertising management by passing some online exams, so I took my way to know more about it and exams preparation, after several days I got my own certificate .

Firstly let me introduce to you what is Google Adwords ?

Adwords is one of Google Products, simply is Online Advertising platform and online marketing tools that allow to you to create and run online advertising campaign in different channels like advertising in site web, youtube,mobile etc... ,with many formats you can use PPC (pay-per-click) , CPI ( Cost per impression ) , or CPA ( Cost Per Action ) anyway I'm not here to give you full detail about Adwords program you can find more about it in Official Site or on Wikipedia .

How can I get Google Adwords Certificate , I'm eligible ?

Getting Google Adwords Certificate isn't easy and isn't hard ! everyone can get it without specific condition, but how ? the first step is to SignUp in Google Partner Program and then start your preparation for exams, by study materials provided by Google in different languages (English,French,Arabic,etc...) .

Secondly, after you got enough knowledge and you feel that you are ready to pass exams, just open Google Partner then chose Adwords and start your first exam, bear in your mind that you need to pass two Exams in order to get your certificate.

After passing your exams, directly you can get your results and of course will tell you about success or failure. for example, in my case I choose Adwords Fundamentals and Display Advertising because it seems easy to done, but you are free to choose any exams you have more than 6 exams .

if you get a good score definitely you will get your certificate, it will be available in your profile ( congratulations ), in case you failed to get good score you can retake exam after 7 days anyway I failed in the first time to get certificate but in second time failed too :p, and finally I got my certificate in the third time.

What is the benefits of Google Adwords Certificate ?

  • You can add the certificate to your resume to fast hiring.
  • Add certificate in your LinkedIn .
  • and the good point is you are certified by Google and you are expert in Online Advertising using Google Adwords .

In the bottom line, i hope this post was useful for you and feel free to contact me I'm available for any questions.

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