How to Become Google AdWords Certified

This post is your door to become Google Adwords certified, isn't hard as you thought and you don't need to pay it's free, and have a great value in your brand and cv.

Excited to get one ? Okay, to become Google Adwords certified and get your certification you need: 

  • To pass 2 different exams to become fully Adwords Certified: Adwords Fundamentals exam + a one other (choice of 5 exams). don't worry about language you can taking exams with any language you want ( English,French,Arabic etc...) 

  • To get a score of 80% or higher to pass exams and get your certification.

  • Some concentration

  • A cup of coffee or tea 

In addition, there are limited time for each exams so you have 120 minutes to complete each exam with 100 multiple choice questions, no option to pause exams, question appear one at a time, what I mean there are no skip or back option . ( bring with you some coffee and tea )

PS : You can get your certification in short time by use our free guide.

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