Is google adwords certification hard ?

This is most common question posted, and of course to get AdWords certification you need to pass a least two exams with more than 80% of score, 120 min for each exam, so there are not thing difficult with a good preparation, In my case I took my AdWords certification after two weeks of preparation without any knowledge or experience before, but now there are good reference to prepare and get AdWords certification in short time, the solution is to enroll in this premium course it's available for all in Udemy. you can take a look at : Google Adwords Certification Course: Get Certified in 2 Days

Believe me, I have tried to get Adwords certification without preparation but I failed, so that why I told you-you need a good preparation, for example, you can download or free guide or enroll in course mentioned above . you can learn more about how to prepare for google AdWords certification.

So now let's ask again ! Is google Adwords certification Hard ? definitely No, it's so easy than you thought seems like any other exams you taken before, should prepare and try, and don't care about the language of exams because you can take exams with any language you want (English, French, Arabic and more...) and you don't need to pay any fee it's totally for free, so what you waiting for ? it's your time to get your certification now. 

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Is google adwords certification hard ?
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